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GDPS June 11
UPCOMING webinar | June 24 at 7pm

Strictly Business: An Entrepreneurial Coach's Advice for Optimizing Your Practice

In this webinar, Cullen Talley, founder of Exit Momentum explains principles of the widely popular Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) as they relate to the needs of a private practice. This highly structured framework has earned praise across countless industries for its simplicity and effectiveness.

You'll learn how to implement an operating system that works for you; Key tips for anticipating the needs of your business and being proactive, plus small disciplines that will keep the business side of your practice running smoothly.

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On a monthly basis, we'll be releasing a key resource, such as an ebook, checklist, guide, etc., designed to help you tackle key topics and challenges.

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From webinars to exclusive virtual roundtables, these interactive and recorded events bring you the best tips and opportunities to collaborate and learn from your peers.

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Articles & Tips

Diving into specific topics, we’ll bring you articles that offer quick tidbits of information that can further educate and engage your teams.

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New Resources Each Month!

In the Growth-Driven Practice Series, we'll tackle the business aspect of a medical practice.
Each month, we'll bring you a new resource to help you better manage, build and grow your practice.

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Safeguarding Your Money: Expert Legal Advice to Help Physicians Protect Their Assets

In this webinar, accounting advisor Matt Garrett, founder and CEO of TCG Accounting, will share 3 common mistakes that often plague specialty medical practices

We'll discuss the pros and cons of cash vs accrual-based accounting errors to watch out for with areas such as depreciation, and how to ensure your financial controls are on par for your practice and growth trajectory.

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