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Frustrated because your ads aren’t generating results as they should?
Our brand consulting team can help revise your advertising, resulting in more patients at a lower cost per acquisition.

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Make your media budget go further and book more patients from your ads.

Yes, you need to get the word out about your practice. However, we’ve seen many physicians and practice managers go directly to radio stations or click the “boost” button on Facebook only to see dollars go out the door with few patients in return.

At TrackableMed, we lift this burden for you, identifying the markets for your ads, crafting messaging to drive action, and tracking the numbers so we know where to double down. Every ad dollar at TrackableMed can be attributed a result -- and that's something you can take to the bank.

Designing websites

Healthcare Advertising for Private Practices

Connect with the patients about their issues so they seek you out as their provider of choice.

Campaign design
Ad campaign design
Campaign Development & Launch
Campaign development and launch
Analytics & Optimization
Analytics and optimization
Response Tracking
Response tracking to boost high-value appointments
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Helping You Create Predictable, Trackable Growth

From radio and television to Google AdWords and billboards, we let patient data determine your ideal ad platforms.

Attract potential patients by connecting specifically with their pain.

Your campaign is meticulously crafted to evoke an emotional response.

While some may think it’s intuitive to talk about the accolades of your practice in an ad, research shows that an emotional response has a far greater influence on a customer’s intent to act than the ad’s actual content does.

Medical Advertising
Guided by analytics

Monitor your media spend based on how patients are responding.

Your campaigns will evolve based on responding to customer calls. For example, if we’re targeting patients with chronic sinus infections, but too many people are calling in with allergies, we’ll examine the messaging and change the script by the time the ad runs the next day.

You always know where things are with your campaigns!

See the high-level campaign details down to the results of an individual call.

Each responding call from your campaign is tracked. On a daily basis, we analyze and identify the parts of the message that are working and make adjustments to drive the best results.

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Less dependence on referrals

Put the power back in your practice, and lessen your dependence on referrals.

Referrals are always going to be a part of a successful practice. However, by leveraging advertising, you can put yourself in the driver’s seat of your practice, removing the reliance on referrals to keep things afloat.

Drive more patients who would benefit from the types of procedures you enjoy most, at the rate you want!

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I'm forever grateful for the recommendation from my medical representative to join TrackableMed. It has really been beneficial to me, my practice, and all my patients. I've been using TrackableMed throughout the past 4 years and I've probably increased my procedure numbers by about 200%.

Dr. Paul Goco
Murfreesboro Sinus Center