Create Massive Leaps in Your EBITDA

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Our Heuristic-Based Neuromarketing helps PPMs and MSOs…

Bridge the gap...

...between growth and risk by reducing the impact of wage inflation on EBITDA.

Experience accelerated growth...

...of higher value procedures to balance out post-acquisition slow down and decreasing insurance reimbursements.

Leave nothing to chance...

...use data to save time and drive higher profit margin procedure demand to your practices.

Don't be the PPM/MSO with slow income repair.

More patients don’t mean higher profit margins…Driving the right patients does.

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You are losing revenue opportunities by missing high-margin patients.

We use heuristic-based neuromarketing to drive your most ideal patients to the practice.

Our due diligence in action: Single location acquires 82 new patient appointments for high-margin treatment.

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Don’t be the PPM/MSO that needs income repair.

At TrackableMed, we create massive leaps in EBITDA for PPMs. We do it through a variety of practice-specific services and strategies that help you engage with the right patient, level out acquisition PTSD, and significantly grow your revenue.

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I'm forever grateful for the recommendation from my medical representative to join TrackableMed. It has really been beneficial to me, my practice, and all my patients. I've been using TrackableMed throughout the past 4 years and I've probably increased my procedure numbers by about 200%.

Dr. Paul Goco
Murfreesboro Sinus Center