Website Design

You know you need a new website.

But the idea is so painful, you just keep putting it off.

We are not your typical web design agency.

This is not some long drawn out mind numbing process. We won't ask you to write content or give an opinion on what color to use. In our business, we let patients determine the look and feel of your website. We create an initial website buildout, track how your patients interact with it, and then make optimizations to each aspect of the site based on the conversion rates that are obtained.

This results in a patient-centered website, rather than a design drawn up by a doctor and a graphic designer. And trust us, even though doctors and designers have great ideas, in the end, it’s what the patient thinks that matters.

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Web Design Services

Whether you have a functioning website, or are starting from scratch, our team at TrackableMed will grab the keys and take your website from zero to complete in 30 days flat.

This includes:

  • Domain Name Registration
  • Website Hosting
  • Graphic Design
  • Copywriting
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)
Website Design Services include mobile and tablet versions

Our Process

Phase 1:
Testing & Building

For 30 days, we run Google Analytics on your current website and add a unique trackable phone number to analyze the calls that are generated. Based on the Google Analytics results and call data, our web design team builds your new site from scratch.

Phase 2:

No waiting around. Our streamlined patient-centered design process means that on day 31 we flip the switch and your new website goes live.

Phase 3:

Once your new site is live, we closely monitor Google Analytics and track the patient calls that are received. Moving forward, we tweak each aspect of your website from button placement to color schemes based on what the data says about your patient’s experience.

Phase 4:

We review the Platinum Rule Questionnaire to determine what website metrics are significant to your office. Instead of sending a report of meaningless numbers we set you up with a customized, live dashboard that shows exactly what you want, like the number of website phone calls or the number of appointments set.

Not Your Typical Web Design Agency

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Website Design

Typical Web Design Agency: 
Your website is designed by a doctor and a graphic designer.

What makes us different?

At TrackableMed, your website is designed by patients. With this patient-centered design process, the initial buildout is driven by 7 years of aggregated data about what drives conversions on medical practice websites. Once the website is live, each aspect of the site is tracked, tested, and optimized, based on your patient’s user behavior until optimal conversion rates are obtained.

Time to Launch

Typical Web Design Agency: 
Designing the website is a long arduous process of modifying and approving a mockup causing the website to take months to launch.

What makes us different?

With TrackableMed's patient-centered design process, your website is launched on day 31 on the dot.

Modifications & Changes

Typical Web Design Agency: 
After launch, the agency’s team has moved on to other projects so good luck trying to make changes. At least anytime soon.

What makes us different?

At TrackableMed, after you launch your website, our team is analyzing and optimizing your website daily. If you would like any changes just let us know and we will get them completed within 1-2 days.

Supplementary Tools & Services

Typical Web Design Agency: 
Your contract is strictly for your website to be built. If you want additional services, like SEO or reputation management, it will be at an extra cost.

What makes us different?

At TrackableMed, web design is an all-inclusive service. Working with us means you automatically receive access to every tool in our toolbox at no extra cost. This includes cutting-edge applications for reputation management and SEO listings. We're an extension of your team.

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Contracts & Commitments

Typical Web Design Agency: 
You sign a contract and you are locked in. There is no backing out prior to the end date (unless you want to pay extra, of course).

What makes us different?

At TrackableMed, we don’t believe in contracts. We are confident you will be blown away with our service. If not, just give us 30 days’ notice and you are out.

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