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We accelerate patient demand.

TrackableMed is a medical marketing agency and strategic partner for specialty practices and MedTech companies. With a service model rooted in behavioral science, our team has a proven track record for acquiring patients and booking new cases nearly twice as fast and at a higher return than the competition—resulting in predictable, trackable growth for our medical industry clients.

We believe our industry has been long overdue for a dose of accountability. MedTech leaders, specialty physicians, and medical industry professionals have been led to believe that it takes an extraordinary amount of time and money to get results from your marketing and advertising efforts. But they're wrong!

At TrackableMed, we help you avoid the frustration of lost advertising dollars by transforming your efforts into a marketing center that improves results for both patients and your business.

Rather than blasting “branding” messages into the marketplace, we’ve built a proprietary growth formula that allows us to gather patient and industry insights in a matter of weeks—getting your campaigns off the ground and directly in front of potential patients to test, iterate and generate results in the fastest time possible.

Result Examples:

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  • Doubling the size of a specialty practice's patient volume
  • Immediately creating over $500,000/month in procedure reimbursement revenue for an ENT practice
  • Expanding a practice's business model to a national level

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What's it like to work with us?

In the beginning...

Since 2011, there have been specific behavioral values that have driven our success (which translates to the success of our clients). 

Businesses are made of people and the values of those people ultimately drive the values of the business.

2011 values

Company Value: Willing to learn

Willing to Learn

It's not about doing something your way. It's all about doing it the best way. If we are constantly learning, we are constantly improving ourselves.

Company Value: Problem solving

Problem Solving

Figure out a way. Being a problem solver is focusing more on the potential solution than the existence of the problem.

Company Value: Acting above the line

Acting Above the Line

Take personal responsibility for your actions. Seeking and providing constructive feedback. Taking action and seeking solutions for a positive outcome.

Company Value: Personal integrity

Personal Integrity

Act the same whether you are being watched or not.

Company Value: Reliability


Behave and act in a way that removes all doubt. Do what must be done.

Company Value: No drama

No Drama

Look for positive intent. Look for positive context. Make sure your attitude adds to the environment.

Company Value: Positive mindset

Positive Mindset

A challenge is an opportunity. Understanding that we can learn and grow from all events whether good or bad is positivity.

Company Value: Results-oriented


Not just doing the job but accomplishing the goal. Being able to adjust our approach to achieve the desired outcomes for our clients.

Like with all things, with time comes change. We are different people today than we were 10 years ago…and because businesses are made of people…businesses change too.

Today TrackableMed has 4 core behavioral values. This represents who TrackableMed is and what you would witness as behaviors within our walls.

Current Core Values:

Company Value: Reliability

Give a %$^# Factor

Everything matters all the time. There are times when we will be tired…when we will want to just do the minimum to get by. When you give a %$^#, you push through those times and perform at a level of excellence for our clients, for the patients who reach out to us, and for each other.

Company Value: Willing to Learn

Excited to Learn

“We’ve always done it that way” – Those are dangerous words. At TrackableMed everyone is excited to learn, excited to uncover optimizations and improvements either in our processes or in ourselves. This looks like reading or listening to books, focusing on training. Being open to new ideas from others and being open to inviting pushback on your ideas.

Company Value - Results Oriented


The outcome. Work cannot be done for the sake of work…it must be done to achieve an outcome. If you ever feel as if you are just doing work….ask someone to remind you what the desired outcome is. TrackableMed focuses on the understanding of human behavior and neuroscience… which literally makes it impossible for another company to compete with us…if we are focused on the outcome. Getting more patients for our private practice clients, getting patients better, more advanced treatment, getting our med-tech clients more demand for their therapies, and getting ourselves happier, healthier, and more fulfilled.

Company Value - Positive Mindset

Positive Mindset

Be aware of the brain's natural tendency to have you focus on the negative. Remind yourself to look for the positive, look for what you can learn, and look for what you can teach to others. Behave in a way without drama…meaning you are not assuming negative intent from others. We will all get frustrated, angry, upset, etc at some point…there will be mistakes made… some due to lack of knowledge, some due to carelessness. The focus of a positive mindset is to always assume positive intent from others’ behavior. If someone helps you see a mistake you made…thank them. It is not an attack. We are not in a place of risk.

Take a look at the values that shaped TrackableMed in the beginning.