Join the TrackableMed Team! We'd love to hear from you!

Our business is growing and we are looking for the next new member of our team! We work for private medical practices across the US and we care a lot about our culture. So, first decide if you are ok working in an environment that holds true to these specific behavioral values:

Company Value - Results Oriented

Be Proactive:

I recognize my responsibility; my behavior is a function of my decisions, not my conditions.
I take the initiative and anticipate needs and opportunities. I act…I do not wait to be told.

Open Positions

Company Value - Positive Mindset

Relentlessly Execute:

I make and communicate clear commitments. I achieve them reliably and regardless of the daily whirlwind. I problem-solve through obstacles and don’t procrastinate. Missed commitments are on me… I will not use excuses or play the blame game.

Company Value: Reliability

Raise the Bar:

I expect more of myself and the team, which causes us to all improve. I celebrate our successes with an understanding that I will never settle, and that we will set higher goals.

If any of the above rubs you the wrong way...we're probably not a good fit.

Creative Strategy Director

You have an understanding of advertising and marketing. When you see other companies' messages, you instantly have a sense that it works or doesn’t.

You like data because it tells you outcomes, but your main focus is creating a message and planning the delivery for it to be the most effective.

You like the idea of freedom to try new things, using different tools, getting fast actionable feedback. If you have to dive into a platform, you will figure it out, but it’s not the best place for you to spend your time.

You have strong opinions held lightly about:
Search engine marketing, social media advertising, programmatic, broadcast, print, outdoor, etc.
You have a knack for understanding the story behind why someone uses a product or service.
You like the idea of someone handing you the keys to creating the best results.

You are excited to learn about:
New platforms for accessing audiences, Human behavior and how to influence it, Neuroscience and an understanding of biased behavior.