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Becker’s Healthcare Podcast

Zed Williamson, Founder of TrackableMed

This episode features Zed Williamson, Founder of TrackableMed. Here, he discusses his company TrackableMed - a medical marketing agency for specialty practices, PPMs and Medical Device companies, his podcast that he Co-hosts - Medical Sales Accelerator Podcast, what he is currently focusing on, and more.

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The DocBuddy Journal

Activating Patients, Optimizing Staffing, and Nailing Your Value Proposition

Zed Williamson, CEO & Founder of TrackableMed and host of the Medical Sales Accelerator podcast, joined The DocBuddy Journal to go deep on topics that are critical to the success of a healthcare organization...

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The Private Medical Practice Academy

More Patients, More Revenue with Zed Williamson

More patients equal more money. Right? Not necessarily. If you want to grow your practice, you're probably thinking "How do I get more patients?" But is that really the right question to ask? Our Founder, Zed Williamson speaks on this topic and more in an episode with Dr. Sandra Weitz, host of The Private Medical Practice Academy.

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 Ortho Idea

Orthoidea Podcast with Zed Williamson Founder / CEO at TrackableMed

Zed Williamson joins Eric Anderson, host of the Ortho Idea podcast to talk about what TrackableMed does and what marketing really should look like.

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Your Best Day Yet

The Mindset of Belief w/ Guest Zed Williamson

In this episode of, "Your Best Day Yet," Eric Guy interviews Zed Williamson, Founder and CEO of TrackableMed. The two talk about what it takes to create greatness with a perspective and mindset of belief.

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The Medical Sales Podcast

The Disconnect In Advertising In The Medical Sales Industry With Zed Williamson And Clark Wiederhold

Have you ever wanted to provide a certain therapy or treatment, but there is just no patient demand for it? Zed Williamson and Clark Wiederhold are the people hired by private practices and MedTech to capture that demand. In this episode, they join Samuel Gbadebo to share how they are helping many healthcare providers give the procedures they want to do and see the patients they want to see.

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The Medical Sales Podcast

Advertising In The Med-Tech Industry With Zed Williamson & Clark Wiederhold

Join Samuel Gbadebo as he talks to Zed Williamson and Clark Wiederhold on the second episode of this two-part interview. Learn how they help reps in fulfilling their practices. Find out more about MedTech advertising. And, discover how they create predictable, trackable patient demand for specialty medical practices and MedTech companies.

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Project Medtech Podcast

Advice for Building Your Commercial Team - Zed Williamson and Clark Wiederhold at TrackableMed

On this episode of the Project Medtech Podcast, Zed and Clark discuss TrackableMed, selling medical technology, advice for building your commercial team, potential pitfalls, and more.

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The OrthoShow

Hosted by Dr, Scott Sigman - “Zed Williamson”

Check out this episode of The OrthoShow, hosted by Scott Sigman with guest Zed Williamson. Gain insight into why TrackableMed was created and the difference in their neuroscience approach.

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