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We provide a full-service appointment scheduling solution to medical practices and physician networks seeking to increase revenue, improve patient experience, and lower costs.

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Never miss a patient
call again.

Private medical practices miss an average of 42% of their calls. Of the calls answered, only 28% result in an appointment.

This equals an average of $25k in lost revenue per office every month.

It may not feel like it but fortunately, this is one of the easiest issues to correct in your practice. New patients are already calling, you just need a way to make sure they get taken care of. That’s where we come in.

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Appointment Setting and
Medical Office Overflow Answering Service

With complete 360-degree phone services, we streamline your front office and ensure no call goes unanswered no matter the time of day.

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24/7 Service
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Appointment Setting
Appointment Setting
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Appointment Setting Services and Call Overflow
Right In Your EHR

It’s the complete opposite of a traditional “call center”.  We answer your missed calls, take messages, and work in your EHR. Patients can schedule, confirm, cancel and reschedule appointments so you never miss a call again.

How appointment setting and call overflow works for our clients

Every appointment setting engagement begins simply by analyzing 30 days of your office’s phone calls. This helps us identify the total number of missed calls, in addition to how the answered calls were handled by the internal staff.

We’re looking for signs such as how the patient was greeted, tone of voice, was their first name used, did they discuss symptomatology, etc. We then work on a custom call script based on our findings.

You approve this, and then we transition the calls over to our Appointment Services Center.

How it works
72 percent appointments

With our approach, 3 out of 4 patient calls turn into an appointment

Every patient conversation is different. And every patient conversation requires empathy. Our Appointment Specialists provide a space to make the caller feel heard and understood.

By connecting on a human emotional level, we achieve an average 72% appointment conversion rate compared to the industry standard of 28%.

Our appointment setting and call overflow services are HIPAA compliant

No worries about compliance. Our highly trained HIPAA-certified callers can make calls for scheduling and appointments.

This ensures you keep a steady stream of patients while remaining legally compliant with healthcare standards.

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You can trust the results - we guarantee it (really).

By partnering with TrackableMed for appointment setting and call overflow service, you’ll receive regular data on the types of calls that are received and how many appointments are set.

Because we don’t believe in contracts and are confident you will be blown away by our Appointment Specialists, we guarantee results.

If you're not happy, we’ll switch your calling system right back. No problem.