Appointment Setting

Are you comfortable with how many calls your office is missing?

Feel like something is off with the number of calls your office receives? Have doubts about the way your patients are handled on the phone?

You Should Be Worried!

A recent study shows that private medical practices miss an average of 42% of their calls. Of the calls answered, only 28% result in an appointment set. This equals an average of $25k in lost revenue per each office every month from not picking up the phone.

The good thing is this is one of the easiest issues to correct. New patients are already calling, you just need to make sure they don’t get left hanging.

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We are not your typical call center.
(in fact - we don't call ourselves a call center at all!)

Our Appointment Services Center is the exact opposite of what comes to mind when you think of a call center. With an open floor plan, floor-to-ceiling windows, natural lighting, and spacious desks, our Appointment Specialists could never imagine being stuffed into endless rows of cubicles.

Our Appointment Specialists are mental ninjas. They are insatiable learners and voracious readers. Plus, they are so personable that you can’t help but smile when you hear them on the other end of the phone.

We intentionally overstaff the Appointment Services Center to make sure no call goes unanswered and to also give the Appointment Specialists plenty of downtime to read and learn new things. To encourage personal and intellectual development, we monetarily award the Appointment Specialists for each new book they read. They also have free access to e-learning videos where they can use their free time to take courses on anything from ‘The Science of Leadership’ to ‘Natural Language Processing’.

We do this because we know a learning brain is a healthy brain. A byproduct of our culture of enablement is that we don’t have any turnover. We have had the same team of Appointment Specialists answering the phones since 2011.

Appointment Setting Services

We offer appointment setting services for both private medical practices and for medical device companies. These services include:

  • 24/7 Bilingual Call Answering
  • Appointment Setting
  • Message Taking
  • Call Routing
  • Patient Surveys & Analytics
  • Outbound Campaigns
Appointment-setting specialists help with private practices to address their patients.

Our Process

Phase 1:

We track, record, and analyze 30 days of your office’s phone calls. In addition to the number of missed calls, some things we look at are if the patient was greeted warmly, if the receptionist was smiling on the phone, and if the patient’s symptomatology was discussed.

Phase 2:

After reviewing the assessment data, we work with you to develop a custom call script. Then on your go, we turn the calls over to our Appointment Services Center.

Phase 3:
Appointment Setting & Call Tracking

Our team of Appointment Specialists take calls and set appointments, all of which are recorded. We provide you with data on the types of calls that are received and how many appointments are set.

Not Your Typical Call Center

Call Script

Typical Call Center: 
Your calls are answered using an unchanging, standard script.

What makes us different?

At TrackableMed, we follow an empathy approach, where each conversation is different. Our Appointment Specialists provide a space to make the caller feel heard, and by connecting on a human emotional level we achieve an average 72% appointment conversion rate compared to the industry standard of 28%.

Communication Style

Typical Call Center: 
Sure, they follow the script (most of the time) but the receptionists sound uninterested when they pick up the phone. Many times they have too many calls coming in, so they put your patients on hold.

What makes us different?

TrackableMed's Appointment Specialists are trained to effectively communicate, both verbally and non-verbally, over the phone. With 93% of human communication being non-verbal, we know that if a receptionist sounds aloof the caller will assume they are scrolling through Facebook rather than listening to them.


Typical Call Center: 
You engage their services for a specific amount of time and are tied down to a contract.

What makes us different?

At TrackableMed, we don’t believe in contracts and are confident you will be blown away by our Appointment Specialists. If not, we will switch your calling system right back.

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