You're going to AUA 2023... A good fit looks like...

Doctor Salesperson

You want to increase utilization among surgeons.

You want to attract more physicians for your technology.

You want to be viewed as a partner - not just a vendor.

Don't fall into any of these categories? We probably aren't a good fit.

If you do, it likely makes sense for us to chat.

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Leverage neuroscience and heuristics to transform your markets.

Our efforts increase physician utilization and patient demand for medical devices


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1. Uncover the biases and heuristics you are facing.

We start by interviewing physicians to fully understand the barriers that have stopped you from being the most successful possible. Once we understand we can…

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2. Develop your plan for increasing cases.

Our team goes into creation mode. Based on the findings from our bias and heuristics interviews we understand your scenario, what is working, what does not, and how your team can best leverage our tools to increase your case volume.

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3. Strategies and tactics are created and deployed.

Based on your unique plan we develop and deploy tactics to arm your teams and align departments around driving growth.

  • Comarketing plans that drive physician engagement
  • Direct-to-patient and direct-to-physician advertising that accelerates demand and creates leverage for your team in the field.
  • Online and in-office physician materials that provide physicians and sales the tools they need

Every system is perfectly designed to get the results it gets. If you are loving your results... don't change.

But... if you want a different outcome then let's meet at AUA Booth #3656

Come see us at booth #3656 for more information on driving increased utilization, awareness, and physician conversations for your medical practice.

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