Clinical Trial Recruitment

We specialize in customized, direct-to-patient outreach, along with technology
to help you target and attract patients who match your ideal audience profile.

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Accelerate Patient Recruitment for Your Next Clinical Trial

Successful patient recruiting and retention saves time and resources. We manage your entire campaign and provide you with a single point of accountability, cost efficiency, greater control of services and timelines, and greater flexibility.

Clinical trial recruitment

Clinical Trial Recruitment

Educate patients in need with speed, agility, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Traditional Media
Traditional media
Digital & Social Campaigns
Digital and social campaigns
Participant education
Participant education
Information Sheets
Information sheets
Data Driven Answers
Data-driven answers
Pre-screen tools
Pre-screening tools
Regular Optimization
Tracking outcomes and followups
Reporting Metrics
Reporting metrics
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Not Your Typical Patient Recruitment for Clinical Trials

Most sites aren’t equipped for patient recruitment, and many firms claim to bring in large numbers leaving you with bad leads. If you’re looking for a clinical trial recruitment company, we have what it takes to maximize results and build a database of high-quality candidates.

Focusing on the patient first

Let’s face it, most trial recruiters take the easy way out. There are a lot of hoops to jump through for IRB approval, so the conversations are very rote and clinical.

We’ve fine-tuned our messaging to both maximize patient response and ensure IRB compliance.

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Tech savvy patient

Leveraging tactics to recruit today's tech-savvy patients

Nearly half of all potential participants find out about clinical trials through the media and/or the internet.

Because of this, we believe in leveraging a variety of tools, tactics, and platforms to recruit study participants quickly – unlike the competition, which often uses broad databases and staff to call and filter through countless ineligible patients. Our targeted, cost-effective approach speeds up the process and delivers lower screen fail rates.

Extensive and reliable pre-screening

While prescreening is essential to an efficient and effective clinical trial, it’s not always an easy process.

Time is a precious commodity at the research site, and having patients pre-screened and ready is critical to accelerating the clinical trial process. We consider this and bake it right into our process.

Prescreening candidates
Quality Trial Leads for your company

Delivering quality leads only

A large pool of leads for your trial is worth nothing unless they are properly vetted and qualified to participate.

By using a recruitment process that only targets and submits patients that will advance your study, your time to trial completion is drastically reduced.

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Working with TrackableMed was one of the most important decisions we made in launching our clinical trial. They were easy to work with, helped us understand every step of the process, and delivered a high number of patients for the trial.

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