Direct to Consumer Marketing

DTC healthcare marketing has gone primarily online, and although historical best practices of word-of-mouth marketing, referrals, and phone book listings are still applicable in their broadest senses, these medical marketing strategies — and medical marketing as a whole — look quite different than they did even three years ago.

How do I compare

Put Patients in the Driver's Seat by Marketing Directly to Their Pain

Clients hire TrackableMed because of our speed-to-impact approach toward using DTC.

Our insights-driven, quick-moving process means results faster without waiting for months of research. No more expensive creative production and substantial media costs.

Just a proven methodology to reach your patients with your therapy — in a matter of weeks.

Market directly to your patients

Direct to Consumer

Educate patients in need with speed, agility, efficiency, and effectiveness.

Interviews and Patient Behavior
Interviews to determine target patient behavior
Message Creation
Message creation for appropriate media
Message Testing
Testing of message for effectiveness
Media Message Negotiation
Negotiation of media for an accelerated response
Call Center for Bookings
Medical call center to process calls and bookings
Media Message Optimization
Regular optimization of message and media platforms
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A Fresh Approach to DTC Marketing for Healthcare

Think you don’t have the time or budget for DTC? Think again. Let’s customize your local, regional, or national ad plan today — and start reaching more of the patients who need you.

Finding out what words and phrases resonate most with patients

We start with a neuroscience-based interview to uncover behaviors of your best targeted patient types.

Then, scientific data is used to inform the most effective approach toward accelerating your campaign results — from the copy of the first message down to the matching words on a transcription of a call.

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Faster results

Building a program to get faster results, guaranteed

Want to affect next quarter’s revenue? It’s possible!

Armed with data to efficiently target specific age ranges, genders, locations, incomes, psychographic profiles, and more, our unique direct-to-patient engagement model will get your campaign off the ground — and begin producing results — faster than any other agency.

Optimizing across all business functions - not just marketing

We don’t just run a campaign. We understand the common silos that exist in MedTech, and we provide both marketing and sales with a customized playbook and unique tools to increase patient demand for your treatments and therapies.

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