You have a successful private medical practice

You know you are interested in an exit in the next 15 years - but aren’t sure what that looks like.

You may have thought about private equity…

If you have, you likely have several questions or assumptions.

Questions like…

  • How do you structure your deal?
  • How do you avoid losing clinical control?
  • When is the right time?
  • What can you do now to create massive success later?

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Pathway to Private Equity

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You like to be in control.

Ultimately, your exit strategy needs to be what is best for you. Even if you are not sure what that looks like yet, optimizing your business now will set you up for success. You are in control…and in a much better position when the time comes to make a decision.

Not sure if private equity is the right exit strategy for you?

Not all practice owners are looking for an exit with private equity. You might be looking for ways to build predictable revenue and growth in your practice, on your own.

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