Patient Engagement Solutions

Are you struggling to keep your front office staff? Are employees even completely trained before they quit and you have to start the hiring cycle all over again?

Easy fix to your medical practice phone problem.

Finding good people to staff your medical practice can be hard. Front office staff are often short-handed and overwhelmed — answering phones, helping patients, checking on insurance, etc.

They are stressed and so are you.

On top of that, this results in long wait times, patient frustration, and backlog, not to mention the risk of current staff leaving the practice altogether.

That’s why we created Patient Engagement Solutions.

This flexible service brings you the resources of a front office without the hassle of hiring staff. Plus, you only pay for the time you need. It’s like multiplying your staff but only at key moments of the day to ensure every patient gets the attention they deserve.

Sound like a fit? Watch this webinar to learn more.

How does Patient Engagement Solutions work?

On average, medical practices miss 42% of their inbound calls - but not anymore.

When you work with TrackableMed, you get a remote patient services desk with a staff ready to answer phones when needed, meaning you only pay when we’re working. How you work is up to you. We can either answer and take messages, or, for better efficiency, book appointments directly in your EHR!

By knowing calls will always be answered, your staff can handle in-office matters such as insurance verification and patient check-ins more effectively without worrying about the phones!

HIPAA Compliant
EHR Experience
24/7 Availability
U.S. Based Team
3-day Setup
Exploring The Details

Frequently Asked Questions

Having hesitations and second thoughts about a service like this is natural. We get it. To help you, we outlined the common questions below. Feel free to contact us for more details.

What’s the difference between this and a call overflow service?

A typical call overflow services is a third-party company that takes messages and returns them to the business. They do so in a robotic way, creating a less than desirable patient experience. Your negative experience with services like this makes you nervous about them having access to your EHR and handling more of the patient experience.

This limits their ability to truly help balance the workload, possible causing more stress than help. With our program, we’re an extension of your team, multiplying your bandwidth at just the right time.

Why wouldn’t I just hire more people to just answer phones instead?

Frankly that may be the best idea…but hiring is difficult.

We've analyzed costs across hundreds of practices and found that our service is actually more cost-effective than hiring in-house.

Plus, one person still can’t manage 3 incoming calls at once! We can help you deal with phone spikes and expand to fill the need at that given point in time - without having to worry about hiring, firing, or turnover.

What does it cost? And what do you need to get started?

Cost varies but includes a setup fee and transparent call fee structure. Contact us to get a free quote based on your practice and volume.

Get started in as fast as 3 business days.

We’ll need to know the name of your EHR and the type of phone system. Then we'll finalize a business associates' agreement with your practice, design the workflow, and go!

What if we hire more staff and don’t need this service anymore?

We understand the needs of medical practices may ebb and flow. That’s why this service remains highly flexible from the start.

Simply start and stop the service as you need it. Many practices have found that keeping us on hand provides peace of mind in case they have staff that call in sick or need to take a week off.

You only pay for the time you need, and no contracts.

Who are the people answering the phone?

Our team works under one roof in the US. They are trained in an understanding of behavior and communication.

Our medical office teams build rapport quickly, put patients at ease and will provide clear direction for next steps. In fact they are paid a bonus for reading books on behavior, sociology, and neuroscience!

We’ve talked with hundreds of practice owners feeling the stress of the staffing shortage. This service is the best of both worlds - to cover the shortage while ensuring quality patient care and preventing burnout of your current staff.