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Dominate online search, enhance the patient experience, and build your online reviews.

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Medical reputation management is a critical component of any practice.

Most physicians hate reviews – we get it. After all, why does one angry person get to dominate our reputation? Unfortunately, it’s still one of the biggest sources of influence when it comes to a patient choosing a provider.

Learn how to take control of your practice’s online reputation and drive positive patient reviews with the help of TrackableMed.

Customer Feedback

Patient Reviews

Help patients make their medical decision (and choose you!) by building a bank of stellar 5-star reviews.

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Integration with your practice management software
Improved rankings
Improving rankings in local and organic search
Negative Review Prevention
Prevention of negative reviews from hurting your reputation
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Take Control of Your Patient Reviews

Manage your online image, protect your practice, and get those coveted positive patient reviews. TrackableMed is a partner with the industry’s top reputation management software, Birdeye, making it easy for you to train and deploy.

Get more positive reviews and respond to reviews in record time.

We all know it's important to build up your reputation and respond promptly, but managing the multitude of review sites like Google, Facebook, Yelp, and more can be an overwhelming task.

With our reputation management services, your practice gets its personal review website from Birdeye that aggregates reviews from more than 200 platforms and puts them all in one place to manage. Plus, it helps in Google searches and online discoverability!

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Review Database

Send review requests right inside the platform at the touch of a button.

When you work with TrackableMed, we'll set you up so that you or your staff can automatically or manually send review invitations via text message or email. This makes it easy for you to ask patients for reviews while making it easy for the patient to respond!

Easily manage reviews, respond to comments, and solicit positive feedback

With a customized reputation management experience in Birdeye, you can quickly respond to and manage reviews from one centralized dashboard.

This streamlines the effort for your staff and makes training a breeze as well. Plus, it’s one less hat to wear and fewer passwords to remember!

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Customer Reviews

Showcase your 5-stars on a personalized review feed for your website

For those who love real-time feedback, Birdeye offers you a live positive review feed that can be added right to your website. Patients will love seeing what real patients have said in their reviews, right on your site!