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Practice Medicine the Way You Want (and Make More Money Doing It)

Get smart about the way you structure your business, increase revenue and make yourself more attractive to private equity down the road—just like Dr. Sandra Weitz did. Founder of The Practice Building MD, Dr. Weitz teaches physicians how to better integrate their service, optimize their practice and capitalize on their expertise. Whether you’re looking to attract investors at some point or starting a new practice of your own, don’t miss this valuable know-how that wasn’t taught in medical school!

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • How Dr. Weitz built a time-leveraged, multiple 7-figure business
  • Insights that simplify the contracting and credentialing process
  • Simple yet effective strategies to help you in any kind of negotiation
  • How to craft a data-driven plan that you can deploy right away  
  • How to access an arsenal of other helpful business resources