Zed Williamson

3 Ways Your Programmatic Spend is Being Wasted

If you are serving ads outside of an area that patients would be willing to drive, you may be wasting money.

1. You are serving ads outside of your geographical area

Are you focused on your target area? If you are serving ads outside of an area that patients would be willing to drive, you may be wasting money.

For example, if you are near a large city, but the patients that would be willing to commute to your practice are only located in the surrounding area, you should not be serving ads to the entirety of the city. If you are, you are most likely wasting ad spend on people who you know will never actually convert.

Instead, you should really be focusing on maximizing the impressions you are serving in an area where you know the people are a good fit and are truly willing and able to convert into a patient or a client.

2. Your agency is not “in-house” for programmatic.

If your ad agency doesn't have direct access to their DSP, they might be wasting a portion of your ad spend.


When you have agreed on a budget for your programmatic ads, your ad agency will take a cut of that budget for the time it takes them to set things up, monitor, make changes, etc.

Sounds fair, right?

Well, when the ad agency does not have direct access to the DSP, they have to contract out to a third party to place your ads. This means not only is a percentage of your ad spend being taken from the agency, but the third party is also taking a cut of your ad spend. The more hands in your ad spend, the less money is left toward serving those ads to your audience.

3. You are not blocking “bot” traffic.

What is “bot” traffic? Bot traffic is traffic that does not come from humans. Don’t worry, they don’t look like the robots you see in a Will Smith movie.

The bots are all across the internet, and one of their jobs is to purposely drain your ad budget. If you don’t take the necessary steps to protect these bots from your hard-earned advertising spend…they might just take it.

How can you block the bots?

Monitor your ads closely. If you notice suspicious activity that seems too good to be true, it probably is. Monitoring your website traffic is the easiest way to identify this and block that fraudulent traffic from the source.

Overall, you need to ensure that your ad agency is paying attention to all of these things and more. Advertising is constantly changing, and you need someone who is going to stay on top of your ad spend, and that includes ensuring that it is staying in their hands, and not others.

How does TracklableMed do it differently?

We are dedicated to finding the best result possible for our clients. We believe our industry has been long overdue for a dose of accountability. We know it’s important to get the absolute most out of your advertising budget. That’s why we do programmatic advertising in-house atTrackableMed.

TrackableMed has direct access to a DSP, meaning there are no middlemen in getting your ads in front of the right audience.

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