Zed Williamson

Trackable Lead Generation is Now TrackableMed!

As of October 2020, Trackable Lead Generation will now be known as TrackableMed.

Zed Williamson new name

When Trackable Lead Generation was founded, we selected our name because it explained exactly what we did. We created leads for our medical practice and MedTech clients, in a way that was trackable so they could see the ROI from their efforts.

We brought clarity to an industry that all too often lacks accountability for actually generating results. This same industry tries to convince doctors, specialists, and MedTech leaders that it takes a lot of TIME and MONEY in order to research and build an advertising campaign. And even then, you’ve only got a plan on paper. It still “takes time and money” to get the campaign off the ground, and there are no guarantees that it’s going to work.

Our founder, Zed Williamson, was frustrated by the lack of accountability and money being spent on activities that didn’t generate ROI.

Listen to Zed as he shares more about the name change and vision for the future:

Over the last several years, we’ve used our patient-first approach to build a trackable, predictable formula for growth. We don’t believe it takes a long time to generate results. In fact, some of our campaigns commonly generate calls within seconds of being launched.

Because of the growth of our own clients, the shifts in the marketplace, and the desire to serve you, the customer, at an even more strategic level - it was time for us to make a change.

Clearing up the confusion

When Trackable Lead Generation first started, there really wasn’t a “lead generation” industry. Yes, we’re talking about the companies that call and promise to sell you a list of targeted prospects or a database that contains everyone who wants your product . . .

In recent years, “lead generation” has become a buzzword, but that word also now conjures up smarmy feelings and visions of pushy sales people, filling your LinkedIn inbox 24/7 with unwanted messages.

We are neither a list selling company nor do we want to be grouped into that category – so we knew we needed to consider a name change . . .  

Something that told the story of the industry we’re in, and the value we provide to our clients.

We wanted a name that was easy to remember but also paid homage to our history and the roots of our beliefs.

Introducing... TrackableMed

That’s right. As of October 2020, Trackable Lead Generation will now be known as TrackableMed.

We’re pleased to share this new name with you! In talking with clients and contacts about this change, we’ve gotten a thumbs up from many and believe this is a solid direction for the future of the company.

We’re also pairing this new name with exciting new developments (announcements coming soon!) that will bring tremendous value to specialty physicians, MedTech leaders, and more – centered around the best practices for educating and attracting new patients, growing practices, building effective advertising campaigns, and more.

Watch for more details coming soon!

The future of TrackableMed means bringing more value to you!

We’re here to serve you – through trackable, predictable growth. You determine what we offer, how we grow, and how we solve problems in the marketplace.

We can’t wait to grow with you! Watch for more announcements in October and don’t miss your chance to be part of an industry-leading opportunity that is sure to help your business grow and thrive.