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Talent Wars: How to hire (and keep) top-notch medical office staff (plus what to do when it seems impossible)

It’s hard to go anywhere today without seeing asign that says “now hiring”. Everyone’s looking for quality talent. In fact, the current talent crisis has many specialty medical practices scrambling to fill positions and/or prevent turnover from the stress and burnout of their currentstaff. It’s a constant battle!

With quality people being at a premium, how can you successfully navigate this scenario to land (and keep) top-notch employees?

In this 30-min webinar, we cover:

  • How to effectively advertise your open positions (hint - it has nothing to do with job boards or Indeed)
  • What attracts top candidates to want to work for your practice
  • How to retain good people and prevent turnover and burnout
  • What to do to when you can’t hire fast enough

Plus, we’ve also shared some ad templates and commercials that you can use right away in your hiring campaigns.