Surgeons should be offering your technology to more patients.

Tired of surgeons dabbling with your technology? Turn more surgeons into users.

I need to accelerate utilization

“I would do more cases if I had more of the right patients!”

“I’m offering this to all my patients”

Doctor Salesperson

You never heard that, right? You know there are plenty of patients that could benefit from your medical device

How can you change patient and physician behavior so that your technology is thought of sooner and patients get the help they need?

You can accelerate case volume.

Stop chasing cases and waiting for your physicians to identify patients that might be a good fit for your medical device. You can drive patient demand that influences the behavior of your physicians.

I need to accelerate utilization

We get it...because we have been there.

Our Team's 60 Plus Years of Medical Device Experience...
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Leverage neuroscience and heuristics to transform your markets.

Our efforts increase physician utilization and patient demand for medical devices


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1. Uncover the biases and heuristics you are facing.

We start by interviewing patients to fully understand the barriers that have stopped you from being the most successful possible. Once we understand we can…

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2. Develop your plan for increasing cases.

Our team goes into creation mode. Based on the findings from our bias and heuristics interviews we understand your scenario, what is working, what does not, and how your team can best leverage our tools to increase your case volume.

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3. Strategies and tactics are created and deployed.

Based on your unique plan we develop and deploy tactics to arm your teams and align departments around driving growth.

  • Comarketing plans that drive physician engagement
  • Direct-to-patient and direct-to-physician advertising that accelerates demand and creates leverage for your team in the field.
  • Online and in-office physician materials that provide physicians and sales the tools they need

Most advertising companies ignore heuristics and biases, leading to wasted money, failed marketing efforts, and lost sales opportunities.

If you feel like you’ve wasted money in the past…that’s why.

When leveraged effectively, heuristics-driven neuromarketing strategies can be a powerful tool in driving physician adoption and utilization of medical devices. By bringing sales and marketing together into a comprehensive plan that focuses on underlying drivers of customer behavior, companies can create lasting results while optimizing their efforts and maximizing return on investment.

Accelerate physician utilization with TrackableMed.

We understand the tools that drive behavior change in physicians and patients. If it is time to take control of your case volume, let’s see if we are a good fit.

I need to accelerate utilization