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How to Intentionally Solve Office Problems Through Better Conversations

In a healthcare landscape of mounting complexity and rapid-fire change, building a practice with people who work well under pressure is more important than ever. But while it’s easy to put together a team that works when facing simple problems, building a team that performs when things get tough remains an elusive and frustrating task.

Conversational capacity is your team’s ability to have open, balanced, non-defensive dialogue about difficult subjects — and it will keep your team on track even when dealing with their most troublesome issues. In this entertaining and highly engaging webinar, you’ll gain highly practical ideas to help your practice staff achieve:

  • A shared focus to build and work in a more healthy, sustainable, and effective environment
  • Greater confidence in your team’s capacity to deal with difficult issues and stressful circumstances in a vigorous, balanced, learning-focused way
  • More agility to think smarter, faster, and together in the face of adaptive challenges